The IT unit of EFSTH has been established in 2012 under EFSTH ACT which emphases the establishment of the unit to address the technology matters of the institution which serves as an important integral part of a teaching hospital. Without the integration of information technology into health system, no meaningful development can be fully achieved.

The full participation and support of information technology is a key in maintaining and establishment of a teaching hospital. A world without a technology, is a dark world and there is no meaningful healthcare system in this world that can meet its expectation without the support of information technology.

Therefore the establishment of the unit serves as a major success for a teaching hospital, owing to the fact that, without IT technology, the status of a teaching hospital cannot be achieved. Technology empowers the status of a teaching hospital and its staff in general.


Composition of the IT unit

The unit is composed of:

  1. A system administrator – serves as the head of the unit
  2. 2 ICT officers
  3. 2 ICT Support Officers

Operations of the IT Unit

Since the inception of the unit, the following has been achieved as below:

  • The unit was able to provide the internet connection to half of the hospital and make access available to staff within the scope of the covered areas
  • A robust payroll system is being implemented which is a multi-user base system for the first time in the history of the hospital which is technically supported by the IT personnel on daily basis
  • There is also an accounting system that is also supported technically by the IT Unit
  • Daily IT support to the entire hospital needs
  • The IT Unit also continues to maintain the entire IT hardware and software of the hospital as well.
  • Manages the network infrastructure of the hospital
  • Manages the Website of EFSTH,

Challenges faced by the IT unit

With all above achievements mentioned, the IT unit faces the following challenges as below:

  • Shortages of hardware equipment to support work
  • Lack of required IT utility software (antivirus and software) to effectively maintain the IT hardware and software systems to provide A SECURED ENVIRONMENT
  • Space for the IT hardware and personnel is insufficient


Short Term Plans for the Unit

The IT unit has the following short terms plans as below:

  • Implementing an IT Unit building infrastructure which can cater a server room, office of the head of IT, junior officers and IT workshop for maintenance and storage of IT hardware materials
  • Expansion of network connection to all areas of the hospital
  • In-service training for all senior and middle level managers on the basic IT skills for a period of 1-2 months for each batch to minimize cost and enabling them understand the technology working environment
  • Recruitment of 2 new staff to IT Unit
  • Training of short and long terms


Long Term Plans for the Unit

The IT unit’s long term plan is as below:

  • Computerization of the entire hospital working procedures
  • Implementation of IP PBX system (Switch Board System) which is the best way to provide internet services, telephone services for both locally and internationally without extra cost but only the cost applied on internet connection alone.