Corona-virus (COVID-19) In The Gambia

The health Minister of The Gambia Dr. Ahmad Lamin Samateh, has informed the nation that, the first victim of the covid-19 who was a Bangladesh national of 70yrs old, arrived in the Gambia on the 13/3/2020 via Senegal. He stayed at Markaz center at Bundung where he contacted many people while staying at the center as a preacher before confirming him positive at his death. He died in an ambulance from Bundung health center to EFSTH on a referral.

The Gambia has registered 9 posive cases of covid-19 , one died and two were discharged. As at now, there are 6 positive cases on treatment and a number of them are being quarantined for a period of 14 days.


Hospital ID Cards

The IT unit will continue issuing of the hospital ID card to staff due the current status of the sates of emergency to facilitate the staff working with EFSTH to freely move without obstructions in the course of their duties. We welcome all to the IT unit if you do not have any, try and get one.